15 - 18 July 2006
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Sunset over Tsumeb View from tent at Roy's Camp Tent at Roy's Camp
The weird outdoor kitchen Max packing up the tent View on the road
Road to Tsumkwe Bushman village Sandy road into Khaudum
Bushgirl who sold Max a bow and arrow Unremarkable entrance to Khaudum Sikereti Camp
Kudu horn Soncana blind Max inside the blind
The bow and arrow Lizard Roan at the Soncana water hole
Hornbill Beautiful acacias View from the blind
Elephant at the water hole Sunset
Max enjoying the sunset
Headlamp and star streaks Max displaying our carnivore-defense weapons Camp in the morning
Obligatory view of the tent Max enjoying an 'African' bath Baikiaea blind
Warthog Max trying to cut off a branch Tent on top of a tree
Help arrives Trying to fix the car Being towed back
A lively Sikereti Camp
Towing set-up Leaving the park
Hornbill Camp in the morning
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