9 - 11 October 2008
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Kinley's house, where we stayed the first two nights Prayer flags View of Thimphu, the capitol and largest city in Bhutan
Cooking dinner in a traditional Bhutanese kitchen
Thimpu Dzong, site of the Thimphu tscheu Sites of the Thimphu tscheu, traditional dances, colorful ghos and kiras (traditional clothing)
National Memorial Chorten Prayer wheels Overlooking the Thimphu Dzong
Archery game Takins! (at the Motothang Takin Preserve)
Kinga feeding the takin Injured deer in the preserve
Bhutan's only stop light (a mechanical one was deemed too impersonal) Sites at the weekend market
Bridge to the souvenir market Good luck symbols above a traditional house
Painting Dho Ngen Dzong (original dzong), built in 1216
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