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10 July 2005: Toprope on Castle Rock Nate climbing 'Farewell to Arms' Nate on 'Farewell to Arms'
Me resting Me getting past the cave Looking down 'The Falls' route
Nate setting up the toprope Nate rappelling down 'The Falls' 'The Falls' route
Castle Rock Falls Nate climbing up 'The Falls'
25 Sept 2005: Me climbing 'Donkey Dong' (on Indian Rock) Me a little further up the arete Me resting
Joern on 'Puckered Starfish' Joern a little further along Eric trying 'Donkey Dong'
View from anchors on Summit Rock Top rope on 'Double Cracks' Joern climbing 'Double Cracks'
Joern on 'Double Cracks' Eric on 'Double Cracks'
11 Feb 2006: Action shot of Joern starting 'The Falls' route View of 'The Great Roof' (Goat Rock) Setting up toprope anchors on top of Goat Rock
View looking West from Goat rock Primal Quest competitor practicing ascending View from inside the cave (under the 'Great Roof')

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