16 - 17 July 2005
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Looking north up the Upper Gorge Looking south down the Upper Gorge Nate leading 'Sparky the Drillhead' in Upper Elbow Room
'Giveaway' (up the arete) Nate leading 'Lava Haul' in Flavin Haven Nate on 'Lava Haul'
Me and Nate getting ready to climb Alethea's favorite climber outfit Nate leading 'China Doll'
Me belaying Victor watching Hummingbird nest
Me leading 'High Seas' Me on 'High Seas' Me topping out on 'High Seas', Nate belaying
Nate leading 'Fear of a Black Planet' Nate on 'Fear of a Black Planet' Me belaying
Victor trying to spot the top anchors Nate and Victor Me cleaning 'Fear of a Black Planet'
Me on 'Fear of a Black Planet' Nate belaying Victor relaxing
Me, Alethea, and Victor by the entrance "no posing" sign

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