23 - 25 February 2007
2-night trip, ~3.3 miles
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our route
Packing up at the trailhead Parking area On the road
Diamond Peak
Lunch break Pretty cornice
Late afternoon light on Diamond Peak Kalle digging Victor in front of our snow cave
Kalle and Rob's shelter Emilie and Shawn digging Jamsheed, Victor, Leo, Ksenya, Nate, Rob, and Kym on our day hike
Backlit Jamsheed with Ridge Lakes in the background Nate by our cave Making camp
Victor in the cave Leo putting on his boots in the cave Nate in the cave
The snowy hike out Intersection with the road Snow covered bridge
Group Far Enough photo (with Nate, no Robin L.) Another group photo (with Robin L., no Nate) My snow covered car
Looking back the way we came Digging out the cars and packing up
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