2 - 3 September 2006
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9.2- Dike Wall, Lake George Three of the many fishermen Crystal Crag
Dike Wall with Crystal Crag behind Nate leading 'Cromagnon' (5.10a) View from the top of Cromagnon
Joern on 'Grim Reality' (5.10b) Dave leading 'Cromagnon'
Dave on 'Antibro' (5.11b) Lake George and Lake Mary Joern belaying Dave on 'Black Lassie' (5.10d)
9.3- Iris Slab, Dave (left) leading 'Get Up, Stand Up' (5.7) racing Nate (right) leading 'Welcome to the Iris Slab' (5.8) Dave with a creative gear placement position Nate in the lead
Joern (left) leading 'Welcome to Iris Slab' and me (right) leading 'Sting' (5.8) Closer shot Joern leading 'Sting'
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