2 - 5 July 2005
3 Night trip to Marble Mountain Area, ~24 miles
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Paradise Lake Trailhead Packing up at the car, Leo playing with his new GPS Faded Marble Mountain Wilderness sign
View heading up to Paradise Lake Leo and Victor on the trail Looking back down the valley
First (of twelve) bear sighting Closer shot of bear Cool looking tree
Late season snow on the trail First view of Black Marble Mountain Bear sightings #2, 3, and 4
Early light on Black Marble Mountain Sunrise Nice lighting in the morning
Black Marble Mountain Leo and Victor at our first campsite Looking back down at our campsite (flat area on left side of creek)
View of campsite from another angle (flat area in the middle of the trees) Base of Black Marble Mountain Lingering snow
One of the many cave entrances Leo checking out the cave Pretty pink flowers
Cliff near base of Black Marble Mountain Nice meadow Marble Mountain (left) and Black Marble Mountain (right)
Another type of wildflower Gate Lake Wildflowers
Wildflowers Looking back towards Marble Mountain More wildflowers
Victor admiring the view Lower Sky High Lake Waterfall
Lower Sky High Lake Frying Pan Lake Pack mules
Frying Pan Lake Frying Pan Lake, Lower and Upper Sky High Lakes Trail above Sky High Lakes
Unnamed peak (left), Marble Mountain (center), Black Marble Mountain (right) Another view of the peaks View south
View of Mt. Shasta from unnamed peak Looking along ridge to Marble Mountain and Black Marble Mountain Looking south around Marble Rim
Trinity Alps in the distance Looking back up at the unnamed peak More pretty flowers
Ridge towards Marble Mountain Loose marble littering the side of Marble Mountain Potential cave entrance
Looking back at unnamed peak Mystery signs Black Marble Mountain
Family of bears (mother and 2 cubs) in tree
Click to enlarge to see labelled bears
Victor in the REI catalog shot Tree fall
Roots Campsite for second and third nights, near Paradise Lake View of the kitchen
King's Castle at sunrise Our route up to King's Castle from Paradise Lake Victor taking a picture of Leo, Paradise Lake below
Looking up at the peak Looking south towards Marble Rim Leo
Looking down the way we came USGS King's Castle summit marker Shasta peaking out
View south View north View east
Trinity Alps behind Black Marble Mountain Looking back up at King's Castle King's Castle over Paradise Lake
Victor and Leo by the lake

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