18 July 2005
Day hike via Main Trail
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nate's pictures
victor's pictures
Pre-sunrise glow Sunrise
Amazing lighting on the needles
Sunrise near Outpost Camp Lingering snow
Consultation Lake (digital) Consultation Lake (slide)
View of Mt. Muir and the needles from Trail Camp Forrest and co. going up the switchbacks Nice reflection
Nate and Victor going up the infamous switchbacks Look back at Consultation Lake Marmot eating the lichen
Marmot View looking north Nate taking a picture looking back down
Hitchcock Lakc Mountains in Kings Canyon
Nate, me, and Victor, at one of the windows Keeler Needle
Frozen unnamed lake Victor, me, Nate at the summit Summit shots, looking east
Southeast (Lone Pine in the valley) Ice covered Iceberg Lake Towards Whitney Portal
North Northwest Summit hut
View south (Mt. Muir highest peak along ridge) Hitchcock Lake Sign at Trail Crest
Look back at Mount Whitney (middle) Another amazing reflection near Trail Camp
View out towards Lone Pine Snow and meltoff Group photo near the summit (Forrest, me, Victor, Nate, Lisa, Tom, Chiang, Sveta)
Photo courtesy of Forrest Lanning

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