12 - 13 April 2008
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erick's pics

Camp 4 Wall: 'Doggie Deviations' (5.9) Erick sporting the ankle guard Erick leading 'Doggie Deviations'
Erick rapping off of 'Doggie Deviations' Obiligatory Half Dome shot Obligatory Sentinel shot
Top of 'Doggie Do' (brutal 5.10a offwidth) Useful big bro Our complicated anchor
'Doggie Do' Erick where the fun starts Near the crux
First pitch of 'Doggie Diversions' (sandbagged 5.7 squeeze chimney) Knob Hill: Erick leading 'Pot Belly' (5.8)
'Pot Belly' Erick on the left variation
Erick starting on 'Just for Starters' (5.10a) The Rostrum Slab and moon
Lower Merced Canyon Erick coming up 'Sloth Wall' (5.7) Cleaning pro
Victorious at ?? On easy slab
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