19 - 20 April 2008
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erick's pics

Pat and Jack Pinnacle: 'Golden Needles' (5.8) Looking down the first pitch Erick getting ready to climb
Owl Roof Erick coming up the first pitch
Climber at the top of 'Knob Job' Erick rapping down Slabby top of the second pitch
The second roof Erick leading 'Suds' (5.9) Erick trying his off-width techniques on 'Babble On' (5.10a)
Roof traverse Erick leading 'Knob Job' (5.10b)
Erick on 'Sherrie's Crack' (5.10c)
Camp 4: 'Doggie Do' (5.10a), one week later, Erick with improved offwidth technique Resting before the crux Matt perfecting the heel-toe technique
At the crux Christie trying to crimp up the offwidth
Matt trying to get off the ground on 'Doggie Diversions' (5.7) Christie further up in the squeeze chimney Indian Cave area: Erick on 'Left Mini Meanie' (5.10b)
Erick figuring out hand placements on 'Pint Sized' (5.12) Resorting to aid (which didn't work)
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