28 - 30 March 2009
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erick's pics
Half Dome on the approach to Five Open Books Erick starting up the wet Pitch 1 of "The Caverns" (5.8)
Approaching the wet and slimy crux Don starting up Nearing the crux
Looking down the wet first pitch Erick starting up the wet third pitch View of the caverns
Looking down the third pitch options: wet slab Or crossing the caverns Erick at the belay
Erick starting up the wet fourth pitch, Don at the belay Erick coming up the final 5.6 section Don coming up
Nice lighting on Half Dome Wet descent El Cap Base: Erick placing the first piece on "Moby Dick" (5.10a)
Further up Erick at the anchor, right after he took the following picture Me wishing the hand stacking section was over
Picture taken by Erick Davidson
Erick rapping down, studying "Ahab" (5.10b) Don starting on "Moby Dick"
Erick starting up the "4th class" on "Ahab" (slick and flared offwidth) Erick trying out all his off-width techniques
Right-side in attempt Don starting up the 4th class Don trying to move on "Ahab"
Don leading "Pine Line" (5.7) Erick cleaning "Pine Line"
Reeds Pinnacle: Start of "Ejesta" (5.8) Don coming up the first pitch Settling in at the moved belay
Erick coming up the first pitch Don leading Pitch 2
Erick still wondering why he had to wait at the base for half an hour The fun second pitch
Don at the belay Action sequence of Erick on the traverse
Erick and Don at the belay
Looking down the rap Erick rapping down Erick leading "Stone Groove" (5.10b)
Don on "Stone Groove"
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