7 - 8 October 2006
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Reeds Pinnacle (left side) Nate placing pro on 'Stone Groove' (5.10b) 'Stone Groove'
Me on 'Stone Groove' Second pitch of Reed's Pinnacle 'Regular Route' (5.9) Second Pitch of Reed's Pinnacle 'Direct Route'
Burly start of 'Bongs Away, Left' Nate going towards the tunnel pitch of 'Regular Route' Reed's Pinnacle
Close up of the tunnel, where Nate got stuck Sunset Looking down at the start
View of the tunnel Pat and Jack Pinnacle, 'Nurdle' (5.8) and second pitch of 'Knob Job' Nate on 'Nurdle'
Nate on the second pitch of 'Knob Job' View up the Valley Nate rapping down
Looking down from the top of 'Generator Crack' (5.10c) Looking up 'Generator Crack' from the bottom Me near the start
Further up Inside the crack Nate making the most of the tree
Nate further up Nate in the wide offwidth Reflection near 'Generator Crack'
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