20 - 21 September 2008
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alice's pics
erick's pics

forgot camera, follwing pictures stolen from erick

Medlicott Dome: "Piss Easy" (5.8), me coming up the first pitch Looking down the first pitch The second pitch
Erick at the first belay Alice coming up the first pitch
Me leading the second pitch Looking down "Goldmember" (5.9)
Me coming up "Goldmember" Erick at the belay Alice coming up "Goldmember"
Alice and me at the bottom of the first rap Low Profile Dome: Alice leading "Black Widow" (5.7)
Me cleaning "Black Widow" Me rapping down "Orange Man" (5.10c) Erick rapping down "Orange Man"
Alice near the crux of "Orange Man" Erick on "Galen's Crack" (5.10c)
Demonstrating heel-toe action Me starting up "Galen's Crack"
At the top
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