23 - 25 February 2008
2-night trip, ~9 miles total
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hadrian's extreme sledding montage
heedon's pics
manish's pics
tod's pics
victor's pics
Erick, Heedon, and Victor packing up at the cars Group at the trailhead
Glacier Point Road Victor, Tony, Erick
Erick near our lunch spot First view of El Cap Crocker Point, our base for 2 days
Our snowcave
Lunch meadow Entrance to the snowcave Sunset at Crocker Point
El Cap in late afternoon light
Erick, Me, Victor
The snow kitchen El Cap from Stanford Point
Reed's Pinnacle and Five and Dime climbing areas Victor setting up the ski tripod for the group picture
Crocker Point Jamsheed Leaning Tower
Part of the group at Dewey Point View from Dewey Point
Another view of El Cap Night photography attempt, star streaks over the valley
Erick contemplating how to break down the cave Action sequence...
Aftermath of the cave destruction
Trying to figure out where we were on the hike out Erick during a break
Looking back up the road Erick checking the GPS
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