26 - 28 April 2008
3-day backpack, ~14 miles total
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Trailhead Sarah and Kit ready to go Kerry with his enormous pack
Kit and Sarah taking a break Kerry, Megan, Dustin, Jeremy, and Blove
Dustin, Erick, Kerry, Kit, and Sarah at another break First (and only) ascent potential
Waterfall on the trail Finally entering wilderness area
Megan and Blove at a stream crossing
Kerry and Erick orchestrating some grand plan Kerry's method of lighting the stove Erick climbing a tree to secure one end of the tarp
Kerry climbing another tree Downclimbing Sarah and Kit enjoying the fire
Dustin and Blove help Erick climb the tree Sarah and Kit under the tarp Roasting dinner
Dinner preparations, night 2 Kerry juggling burrito making and Kit Herman Creek
Last rainy morning, under the tarp Kit not to thrilled about his rain shelter
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