Holly on the chair lift up View from the chair lift, Lago Gutiérrez in the background
Me and backpack riding up the chair lift
Photo taken by Holly Aloi
View from the top View of Lago Nahuel Huapi
Me and Holly before our epic adventure Holly by the flag
Photo courtesy of Holly Aloi
View of part of the scree slope we were about to traverse The beautiful peaks of Cerro Catedral Laguna Schmoll
Looking up at the peaks from Laguna Schmoll Cerro Catedral
Looking up at the way we came down
Photo taken by Holly Aloi
Flowers near the lake
Laguna Tonchek; Refugio Frey, where we spent the first night, is on the far side
Reflection in Laguna Toncheck
Photo taken by Holly Aloi
Catedral reflection in the lake Other route to Refugio Frey is up this valley
Rocks near Refugio Frey. Can you find the climbers?
Photo taken by Holly Aloi
Silhouette of Cerro Catedral

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