View from Laguna Schmoll on our way back up
View of Monte Tronador from the top of the ridge on Cordón Catedral Holly waiting for me at the top of the ridge
Photo taken by Holly Aloi
View of our next task... Descend into valley and climb back up over pass on the opposite end of the valley.
Photo taken by Holly Aloi
Looking back up at the scree slope we just descended Cascada Rucaco
Looking down the valley to Paso Brecha Negra View from Paso Brecha Negra, looking back at Cordón Catedral, the ridge we were on that morning
View on the other side, down at Laguna Jakob and Refugio Jakob Closer view of Refugio Jakob (San Martín)where we stayed that night View down Arroyo Casa de Piedra, an alternative route
View of Paso Brecha Negra from Refugio Jakob (San Martín)

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