Refugio Serge (Italia) in the morning Laguna Negra looking at Cerro Bailey Willis, our next destination Looking down Arroyo Goye, an alternate route
Cerro Navidad in the distance on the right hand side Looking back across Laguna Negra at Refugio Italia
View of Monte Tronador
Holly at the top of Cerro Bailey Willis with Monte Tronador in the back
Photo courtesy of Holly Aloi
The trail traverses across to the pass on the far side The trail goes where?! We couldn't believe it went up the scree slope in between the two cliffs in the middle and up to the top of the ridge to Cerro Lopez
At the top of Pico Turista looking towards Cerro Principal Looking down at the way we came up Close-up of Cerro Navidad (the one with the long, flat ridge), where we stood the day before
View of Monte Tronador
Large bar stool at the top of Pico Turista Holly on the bar stool
Photo courtesy of Holly Aloi
Slope we came up Cerro Principal
Photo taken by Holly Aloi
Accommodations for the final night, Refugio Lopez
View from Refugio Lopez, looking down at the resort area Llao Llao Moonrise Photo taken by Holly Aloi
Flower along the trail
Photo taken by Holly Aloi

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