Cuernos del Paine in the clouds across Lago Pehoe Glaciar Grey
Iceberg in Lago Grey
Photo taken by Holly Aloi
Flowers along the trail
Photo taken by Holly Aloi
Night 1, tent at Campamento Guardas (Chileno)
Trail intersection near Refugio Lago Pehoe
Photo taken by Holly Aloi
View of Cuernos del Paine on way to Campamento Italiano Lago Skottsberg
Nights 2 and 3, tent at Campamento Italiano
Me on bridge over Rio del Franés
Photo taken by Holly Aloi
Bridge from the other side Glaciar Francés
Holly trying to keep dry with Cuernos del Paine behind her
Rio del Francés
Glaciar Francés
View of the Cuernos on our way back to Lago Pehoe. Our 'W' was changed to a 'U' because many trails were closed by the heavy rain.
Lago Pehoe and Refugio Lago Pehoe Refugio Lago Pehoe Snow geese in front of the refugio
Photo taken by Holly Aloi
Horses turned loose by the refugio
Photo taken by Holly Aloi
Better view of the Cuernos on the boat ride back
Our first and only view of the famous Torres del Paine The road under 6 feet of water. The zodiac shuttled people and their gear across 6 at a time.
Photo taken by Holly Aloi
Another view of the flooded road A closer view of the Torres Camping Las Torres, where we spent our last night in the park
View of Hostería Las Torres The zodiac shuttle operation on the way back Wild guanacos!
Another guanaco in front of the flooded Rio Ascensio
Photo by taken Holly Aloi

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